Kaboost Will Make Your Toddler Feel Like a Big Kid

Little ones grow up so fast. We all remember the days they were tiny enough to fit into one arm and all they did was sleep. Now, they’re too big and hyper to hold onto with even both arms. They’re walking, talking, playing and they always want to be older than they really are.
So what happens when they want to eat dinner like a ‘big kid’ but are too small to see over the table from a normal chair? Kaboost is there to fix just that problem.


Kaboost is a booster chair for… well, for your chair. It has four legs that are adjustable and can fit to any size of seat you might own. Simply extend the legs and place the chair on top. It adds about 7 inches to the height of the seat.



It collapses into a smaller size so it’s easy to store away or travel with. Plus, it comes with it’s own little carrying bag.

Kaboost can hold up to 300 pounds, so there’s no danger of your child breaking it. It also acts as a stabilizer, so your little tot won’t tip the chair over while climbing up to sit at the adult table.


Kaboost is available on Amazon for $40.

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