This Device Can Give You Any Dimension Instantly

Measuring things can be such a pain. Depending on what you’re measuring, you need different measuring tools—and there’s no way you’re carrying all of them at the same time. Plus, measuring big or awkward things can be frustrating and time consuming
Enter the 01, a measuring tool combined with a pen, pencil, or stylus. It lets you measure anything you want in an instant, and records the data in its corresponding smartphone app.
With the 01, measuring is a breeze. Simply roll the tool over the area you need to measure, and convert the units right in the app!

Redesigning your home? Use the 01 to measure the area you need for flooring, determine the space you need for furniture, or hang pictures.


If you have a weirdly shaped thing to measure, no worries. Log height, width, and depth into the app in seconds, and roll the 01 around complex contours and sides with ease!


The 01 is made with aluminum and steel, making it durable for any situation. And with a six month battery life, you’ll never worry about charging the device every night.


Check out the 01 in action down below!

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