Trap Fruit Flies for Good with This Handy Tool

Fruit flies are the worst. They ruin your food, leave a mess, and they never chip in for the grocery bill. If you’ve had just about enough of those free loaders, then it’s time to say bye-bye fruit flies.
Introducing the Fruit Fly Funnel. With this simple and reusable funnel device, you can bait, trap, and kill all the fruit flies in your house.

Simply bait a plastic bottle with fruit fly attractor, insert the Fruit Fly Funnel freeze them, then rinse them down the toilet. Now you don’t need to bother with one-use homemade traps.

The Fruit Fly Funnel is made with reusable plastic and is dishwasher-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about icky fly germs or bad smells.


You can get your Fruit Fly Funnel for $3.87 through Kickstarter! Learn how to bait your fruit fly funnel below!

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