Control Your Hot Beverage with This Innovative Heating Element

Kettles have a pretty simple job: heat water to its boiling point – 100 degrees celsius – and then shut off. Still, not all drinks are created equal. Each hot beverage has a different optimal temperature for consumption. Coffee needs to be steaming, hot chocolate is most pleasant when it’s like warm milk. You get the picture.
Well, fret no more, because MIITO has the solution.
Think of MIITO like a stove for hot beverages. With a simple two-piece design, MIITO uses a heating wand to warm your beverage to the precise temperature of your choosing.


Simply place the mug or glass of your choice on the base, put the heating wand into it, and use the base to select the exact temperature you want to MIITO to heat your beverage.


Never again worry about scalding your children with too-hot chocolate or spoiling your delicate loose-leaf tea with scalding water. Each beverage is exactly how you want it.


There’s no magic involved – MIITO works off of simple induction technology. Where kettles work from the base of the beverage up, MIITO heats the whole drink at once, making it much more energy efficient.


It also works waaaay faster than a standard kettle, boiling a single cup in under a minute!


MIITO isn’t available for purchase yet, so be sure to come back to Drool’d later – we’ll keep you up-to-date on the status of MIITO. In the mean time, check it out here!