The Sani Sticks Are Disposable Drain Cleaners and Deodorizers to Keep Your Drains Clean and Odor-Free

The Sani Sticks are drain sticks that eliminate embarrassing odors from drains and prevents clogged sinks.

To use them, simply place the thin, round and only 6.3 inch long stick inside the drain and that’s it. Don’t worry, there’s no toxic chemicals so you’re drains will be perfectly safe.


The Sani Sticks last for a month and helps you get rid of those embarrassing smells while eliminating nasty water buildups.

The powerful enzymes in the Sani Sticks are able to break down oil and grease to keep drains free and clear.

You can get the Sani Sticks in 5 different types: unscented, rose, orange, lemon, and lavender.

They come in packs of 24 and 48 and are available for purchase on Amazon.

Where to buy
Sani Sticks 24 Pack (Unscented)