The Barber’s Edge Helps You Cut Your Own Neckline Without the Use of a Mirror

The Barber’s Edge is a tool to help you cut your own neckline and give you that fresh barber’s look in less than 30 seconds.

It’s simple to use. The Barber’s Edge is attached to two clips that attach to your ordinary baseball cap or the elastic headband they offer.


You can adjust the height line of the Barber’s Edge with the adjustable clips.

Then, work your way with the razor from the template downwards and repeat the process. If you like your neckline squared, there are cutting lines for you to follow.

Throughout the process, be sure to look straight forward so it isn’t uneven.

When you’re done, remove the elastic headband or ordinary baseball cap, and you’re done! A fresh barber cut without the hefty price tag.

The Barber’s Edge is available for purchase on Amazon.

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