Amputee Gets Ground Breaking Bionic Arm Complete With Personal Drone

This is James Young, and he’s the owner of a bionic arm that will make any video game fan jealous.
Phone charging from my arm

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James lost his left arm and leg in 2012 after falling between two train cars in London. Bored and frustrated by conventional prosthetic limbs, James wanted something better.

After seeing an ad looking for an amputee with a love for gaming, he sent in an application online. James was selected to help create and wear a new prosthetic arm. The arm was designed by Alternative Limbs Project’s Sophie de Olivia Barata and was inspired by the character Solid Snake from Hideo Kojima’s hit video game franchise Metal Gear.

It felt strange to be fully clothed in front of the media for once @aannggeellll #alwaysshirtless #bionics #bodyhack

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The arm comes equipped with a light display, built in smartwatch, and phone charger. James arm even comes with a quadcopter drone that he can control with his right hand from a panel on his left. With sensors that pick up on his shoulder signals, James is able to control the arm and its fingers independently, with only a little bit of assistance from his biological right hand.


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The $90,000 arm has greatly improved James’ quality of life. Through his Gofundme page, he hopes to undergo an osseointegration procedure to fuse the arm to his bones with titanium.
Despite the cybernetic nature of his arms, James has gone to great lengths to make sure his arm does not appear threatening, especially considering his work as a biological scientist.