Surf the Turf on this Golf Course Motor Board!

Does walking the links put a kink in your back? Does hoofing it to the greens leave a pain in your knees? Do you want a vehicle with all the convenience of a golf cart and 5 times the style?
Well then, the Golfboard maybe the answer to your prayers.
The Golfboard gives you all the mobility and functionality of a typical golfcart with only a portion of the size! With a top speed of 10 miles per hour, Golfboard wipes out the dullness of trudging from tee to hole to tee again, allowing you to savor the game without dreading the walk.
The average 18 hole round on a Golfboard is just over two and a half hours – that’s almost half as long as it would take on foot!
golfboard 2

The Golfboard is also more sustainable, as its smaller tires leave less impact on course turf.

With transportation taken care of, you’ll have more time and energy to focus on your drive, short game, and every other aspect of your golfing prowess.


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