The Beebo Bottle Holder Lets You Bottle Feed Your Baby Hands-Free!

When you’re a parent, sometimes you need more than two hands. Parents like to multitask, but when both of your hands are being used to feed your baby, it can be difficult to get things done.
Enter the Beebo bottle holder. It’s designed to let you feed your baby hands-free, letting you maximize your time with your little one during those precious months!


You can read a book, caress your baby—or even share a meal with your family!

Simply place the Beebo high over the shoulder, insert your baby’s bottle inside, and rotate to the perfect feeding angle!

The Beebo rotates 360 degrees, letting you keep the bottle upright during playtime or burping.

The best part is you can wash the Beebo with regular soap and water in the sink—easy cleanup!

The Beebo is available in 3 different colors on Amazon.

Watch the Beebo in action in the video down below!

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