The Ultimate Pop-Up Camping Tent

Pop-up tents are all the rage right now. Their simplistic and easy-to-set-up designs make them a must-have for every camping enthusiast.
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With Cinch!, your full-size tent folds up to the size of a collapsable laundry hamper. Just tie it to the ground and you’re good to go!
Unlike your average pop-up tent, Cinch! is made of high quality material and is designed so that you don’t have to choose between quality and convenience. With Cinch!, you can have it all. It is available in three sizes: 2,3, and 4 people.
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Cinch! is weather-tested. Through torrential rain and gale-force winds, Cinch! will outlast anything you throw at it thanks to its weather-proof material and sturdy ground pegs!
With Cinch! there’s more than meets the eye thanks to its compact storage solutions in the side, factory-installed windows, reflective guy lines, and LED lighting system to keep you from going bump in the night.

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Best of all, it’s solar energy-compatible – with a built-in solar energy system and inline LED lighting system!

Solar Power 2

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You can even charge your phone!

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Cinch!’s tents start at only $196 – peanuts compared to a full-sized standard tent with none of the amenities.

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Cinch! Solar Powered Pop-Up Tent