This Is A Handy Little Tool Kit That Fits In Your Wallet

If you’re a survival enthusiast, being trapped somewhere without any tools or supplies is practically a nightmare. Maybe you just like having some of the convenience a Swiss army knife affords you, but you want none of the bulk that comes with it. All I know is that I want this and I need it in my life.

The Credit Card Companion by Tool Logic is not better than a Swiss army knife in terms of uses and tools, but makes up for it by having the essentials and in a slim and lightweight design that can fit in your wallet without any fuss.

It’s the size of a credit card though considerably thicker. It has a built-in compass and magnifying glass, boasts a removable 2-inch serrated edge steel blade, a removable multi-tool that has a can opener, screwdriver, and awl.


It also comes with tweezers and a toothpick that snap into place, and the whole thing weighs just 1.4 ounces. It’s a comfortable and capable multi-tool device that you can carry in your wallet, making it incredibly convenient. Even the Late Boy Scout can’t help but speak highly of its merits as you can see below.

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Tool Logic CC1SB Credit Card Companion with 9 Tools, Black