This Device Makes Every Surface a Touchpad

What if you could bring the convenience a touch screen to everything? What if you could control your television, thermostat, lights, and blinds with a single tap without having to carry your phone all around the house?
Well, let me introduce you to Knocki
Roughly the size of a portable button light, Knocki is a simple and inexpensive way to make your house more interactive.
By programming Knocki to recognize simple tapping patterns, you can program it to do any number of simple tasks without the use of remotes or switches.
You can use it in every room of your house for any task!

Knocki 2

Knocki 4

Knocki 3

You don’t even need a smart home! All you need is a WiFi connection!

Price update: Through a limited Kickstarter offer, you can get your very own Knocki for $79. Want more than just one? You can buy a three pack for $199, a 5 pack for $319, or a ten pack for $579! Check out the Kickstarter while these deals are still available!

Devices makes everything into a touchpad

This device turns any surface into a touchpad.

Posted by INSIDER design on Wednesday, 1 June 2016

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