The Plus Paper Clinch Is an Eco-Friendly, Staple-Free Stapler

The Plus PAPER CLINCH Stapler is a stapler that uses no staples.
It’s super easy to use: just open and slide the corner of paper and press — instantly the paper are fastened. The Paper Clinch fastens paper without the use of staples and the Power Assist Mechanism is designed to fasten papers with minimal force.

It works by punching a hole in the papers and then tucking them in a slit in the back.

The paper clinch fastens up to 5 sheets of paper without the use of staples.

The Plus PAPER CLINCH is long lasting and lasts for multiple uses. The compact and lightweight design allows it to be stored easily in your desk, backpack, briefcase, purse or drawer.

Since the Plus PAPER CLINCH doesn’t use staples, it’s easy to shred and recycle papers without worrying about the staples getting jammed.

The Plus PAPER CLINCH compact model is available on Amazon.

Alternatively, you can purchase the Plus PAPER CLINCH desktop model that staples up to 10 papers.

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