The Workbox 3.0 Is Your Own Personal Work Space!

Have you ever wanted your own personal work space for all your crafty needs?
Well I’m here to tell you, you can get one. With the Workbox 3.0, you’ll have your own personal, portable workspace, where you may need it.
The Workbox 3.0 has 79 clear totes for you to hold all your items! It also has plastic notion inserts for the totes and 3 wood drawers in the middle.

All the shelves are adjustable with plastic and metal pegs, as well as, pre-drilled holes.


With 12 caster wheels, the Workbox 3.0 is portable and will be able to glide across the floor to wherever you need it. With the extra wheels, it’s able to withstand up to 200 pounds of items!


There’s a fold-out table that comes from the center, so a work table will be ready for you when you decide to open it up.


With only 2-3 hours assembly time for this giant Workbox, it’s a must-have for the crafty person in your home.


The Workbox 3.0 is available for pre-order here for anywhere ranging from $1500-2200.