The Lynx Dock Home Cleaning Set Is A Broom, Mop And Dusters All In One!

Cleaning the house is a tough and tedious job that just needs to be done. On top of doing the actual cleaning, you need to alternate and go back and forth to switch between brooms, mops, and dusters.
Well, with Lynx Dock Home Cleaning Set, you can put all those cleaning tools into one convenient, small space!
It’s the newest innovation in cleaning, with smaller dimensions to fit in any home.

The idea is simple, a docking station that holds all the cleaning tools you need. Just click to connect the cleaning tool attachment, and twist to disconnect.


It has all the tools you need in one package: a mop, duster with wet/dry pads, a broom, and a microfiber duster.



It’s the perfect addition to your cleaning.

The Lynx Dock Home Cleaning Set is available on Amazon for $29.99.

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Lynx Dock Home Cleaning Tool Set