Inspire Healthier and More Creative Meals with Inspiralizer

The Inspiralizer is a vegetable preparing tool like no other. With 4 distinct shapes, you can switch out the grater to choose what shape or thickness you’d like.
Simply peel your desired fruit or veggie to begin, then skewer it on the pike. Tip the pike down and start spinning!
You can create chips, spaghetti and anything else you could imagine.
Ensure you pull the silver lever to suction it, and press the green safety button before beginning.

Counter clamps and a vacuum suction lever keep the spiralizer steady so you won’t send the machine or your food flying.

It also comes with a safety cover to protect your finger from the sharp blades. It’s BPA free, so it’s safe to have contact with your food.



The blades are easy to clean with a toothbrush and soapy water, and everything comes preassembled for easy use.


The Inspiralizer is available on Amazon for $39.95.

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