The Instagram Socialmatic Camera [Concept]

Imagine picking up the Instagram app icon, stretching it with the same ratio and turning it into a real camera. Well ADR Studio did that and created the Instagram Socialmatic camera concept. This square shaped camera features 16GB of storage, a 4:3 touchscreen, LED flash, a main lens with optical zoom and a second for 3D filters, webcam applications and QR code capturing. Like the instant Polaroid cameras, the Socialmatic can instantly prints your photos. It packs an internal printer with paper cartridge and 4 colors ink tanks and the Instagram Paper Sheets can be glued just like a post-it. When a photo is printed, your Instagrammer QR code is automatically generated so others can follow you by capturing your QR code with their Socialmatic. This whole concept would run on InstaOs, an operating system combining both Facebook and Instagram features and allowing you to easily share your work. Would you buy the Socialmatic if it gets real?