Etcher: Etch A Sketch for iPad

Remember the Classic Etch A Sketch Magic Screen?

Now you can experience it on your iPad with Etcher. Slide your iPad (any model) into Etcher and you’ll get a protective case with 2 functional knobs. Twist them and start sketching just like on the original Etch A Sketch Magic Screen. It works and looks exactly like the real thing but with so much more functionalities! You can shake it to erase and as it’s running on the iPad, you’ll be able to save your drawings, share them with your family, post them on facebook and even create time lapse videos!

Etcher is complete and ready for production. However, this kickstarter project needs support to bring Etcher to life! Pre-order yours today in red or blue by pledging $60. Limited quantities are available to early birds for $45 (in red).

Where to buy