Technology Finally Brings Us A Skittles Sorting Machine

If there is any downside to having a bag of skittles, it’s that not everyone loves all the flavours within the bag (although many would argue that it’s only that you don’t have TWO bags of skittles). This relatively minor inconvenience can be rectified by sorting through the pack like some sort of quality control expert or food inspector on the factory line.
Maybe you’re in real need of a sugar hit and decide to just start chomping on through the flavours, dealing with it like a boss. Or maybe you spit out the ones you don’t like because you have standards. Heck, sometimes we’re just really bored and sort through our colored candy to pass the time and make it more aesthetically pleasing. This one is for you, sorters of the Candy Kingdom. Finally, a way to sort Skittles! Watch in wonder and then follow the link within to learn how to build one (or ten) of your own.

via egenriether