Tear Up the Streets with this Motorized Tricycle

It’s likely that the first vehicle you ever drove was a tricycle. They’re a great way to practice before attempting to ride a bike and they’re easy to balance thanks to their three wheels.
It’s much harder to ride a tricycle as an adult because our legs are two long, making it much harder to make that low pumping motion. Well, now there’s a way to bring back the childhood magic of the tricycle.
Introducing the motorized Drift Trike from SFD Industries. This vehicle combines the low-riding fun of a tricycle with the basic controls of a motorcycle. With the accelerator in the right handle and the brakes in front, everything you need to set your speed is at your fingertips.

Each bike has an easy to start pull-cord start engine. Each bike is gasoline-powered, but can be customized by SFD Industries to suit your preferred engine and tank settings.


Unlike your standard tricycle, these bad boys are designed to drift. Drifting in a standard tricycle is hard because your feet are busy pedaling. Well, now you can use the bottom half of your body to twist and turn the trike and test its torque.


The Drift Trike is made with high-end parts and is easy to repair or modify.




The ‘Big Wheel’ model is available for $2400, with a series of aesthetic and mechanical upgrades available for a little more, such as motocross grips, disc brakes, powder coats, bluetooth mounts, and more!



Check out the SFD Industries Drift Trike in the demo reel below!

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