This Creative Bookshelf Lets You Interact With It By Changing The Pieces

The Köllen bookshelf is a modular and interactive bookshelf formed by pieces which can be placed differently depending on the objects put on it. It’s basically a bookshelf that looks cooler and you can play around with it!

A Köllen Complete consists of six 1 metre length units, separated into pairs. The main material used for the bookshelf is natural birch plywood from Finland, and is accompanied by ironwork of stainless steel. To place something on the bookshelf, you simply twist the pieces (or strip) down to a horizontal position and place items on the platform you’ve just created. The cool thing about this functionality is that when the strips are horizontal, they can also be used as coat hangers! How convenient.




The Köllen bookshelf is also very stylish. They feature traits of the Nordic style and offer various different colors to style your bookshelf.




So if you’re looking for a way to furnish your house with style and more functionality than a regular bookshelf, look no further. Available on Kickstarter.

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Modular And Interactive Bookshelf