Take The Treadmill Anywhere With The Lopifit Electric Bike

Some men just want to see the world move in new and innovative ways. Exercise is great and all, but we all exercise in different ways. Some of us may prefer a twice daily walk with the family dog, and others may prefer hitting the gym for a workout and watch life go by. Maybe you like to go running or jogging and see the city. One Dutch man wanted the best of these worlds.
What started out simply as a desire to be able to take the treadmill outdoors has transformed into a revolutionary idea that allows a casual walking speed to reach the speed of a bicycle. Originally invented in the Netherlands, this electrically-assisted “walking bike” allows you to walk at a leisurely pace on the bike’s treadmill surface, but cruise at a speed reserved for bikes.

Available in six different colors, the Lopifit was also built and designed with safety and ease of use in mind. When you push the treadmill fabric to the back of the bike, it activates a sensor that tells the motor to get the ball rolling. Using the handle brakes with shut the motor off. Live somewhere hilly like San Francisco? A freewheel function is activated when going downhill. The bike itself also has a decent range of 40 miles when traveling at speeds of up to 20 miles per hour. The mounted display also has a bar that shows you how much battery life remains, removing any guess work on your behalf.

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Lopifit - The Electric Walking Bike