Take Your Favorite Hammock on the Road with This Clever Hammock Stand

Whether it’s a race car bed, a bunk bed, or a hammock, it is the dream of every child to have a fun bed. It’s also the dream of every late teen/early twenty-something to grow into the kind of adult who can afford a fun bed.
Well, with Eagle’s Nest Outfitters line of affordable hammocks, anyone can afford a fun bed.

Eagle’s Nest Outfitters is an outdoors/travel supplies company that specializes in hammocks. They’ve been working since 1999 to make the most comfortable hammocks imaginable. But as comfortable as hammocks can be, they can also be a pain to balance properly. You can tie them to trees, but that can obstruct your view. You can nail them to walls, but that only works indoors, and only if your nails and walls can support the weight of you and the hammock together.

Well, ENO’s Roadie hammock has you covered. The Roadie’s suspension system is meant to be used with the largest counterweight you likely own – a vehicle. Except your home, your vehicle is likely the heaviest thing you have, which makes it perfect to support the weight of the hammock’s content.


The hammock stand is made of powder-coated steel and weighs a total of 56 pounds, with a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds! Simply park your car over the four square tire rests, hook up your hammock, and you’re good to go!


The Roadie will work with any ENO hammock. It is designed to tilt away from your vehicle, giving you plenty of room to swing back and forth without smacking into the side of your car.


The Roadie is a compact, reliable way to bring your favorite hammock on the go with you!


The Roadie Hammock Stand is available on Amazon for $199.95!


Check out the Roadie – as well ENO’s other hammock products – in the video below!

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