These Car Mats Can Actually Help Keep Your Car Clean!

Regular car mats are an absolute pain. Whether you have carpet or rubber mats, keeping them relatively free of dirt, snow, or even just coffee is nearly impossible. And even if you clean them regularly, they’ll never be as clean as you want them to be.
The TRAPMATS are here to change all that. They’re two-layered and feature a honeycomb design—built to keep your car clean and free of air pollutants!

TRAPMATS are made from ethylene-vinyl acetate, an odor-resistant and water-proof material with anti-bacterial properties, ensuring your car floor stays clean and smell-free!
The TRAPMAT has a dual-layer system. The first layer is where dust and dirt fall through, and the second layer is where they’re trapped. Your car looks clean, there’s no foul odor, and the dirt stays put until you decide to clean your mats.


Cleaning the TRAPMATS off is a breeze. Simply separate the two layers and shake the dirt off your mat!


With a snug fit customized for your car, the TRAPMATS will keep your car looking and smelling clean and fresh.


Check out the TRAPMATS in action down below!

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