Take The Cookout With You Wherever You Go With InstaGrill

The InstaGrill is a charcoal cooking pit that is perfect for daily use.
It heats up in only 10 minutes – less time than a boiling pot of water.
It uses a stacked chimney to draw the hot air along all three of its levels.


You can use anything from paper to lighter cubes as fuel. Since it uses charcoal, you won’t have the nasty aftertaste of kerosene.

InstaGrill has 100 square inches of grilling surface packed into its tiny design. It’s good for the environment as it burns very very little charcoal.

You can adjust the heigh of the racks to 1, 3 or 6 inches above the charcoal. Flash cook meat or slow roast veggies.

When you’re done, just pour water through the top to put out the embers. Throw the ashes in the garbage and you’re done.

You can order one on their Kickstarter page.

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InstaGrill - Best Charcoal Grill for Easy Grilling