The Silicone FoodPod Is A Cooking Basket And Strainer In One – Never Burn Your Fingers Again!

Let’s face it, boiling food is a good way to cook. We boil to cook pasta, clams, oysters, potatoes, eggs and much more.
The dangerous part is that we have to be careful. Whether it be the steam that comes out of the pot, or the water you’re draining out of the food, it’s extremely hot and can burn you if not taking the proper precautions.
That’s why the Silicone FoodPod was invented. It’s the easy solution to prevent burns from happening by combining a cooking basket and strainer in one.

With the FoodPod, you can gather, remove, or drain foods from boiling water with just one hand.

It’s made from food-safe, BPA-free FDA-approved silicone so you can be sure you’re not worrying about putting any plastics or dangerous chemicals into the pot.

The top clips onto the pan edge for easy removal and once you’re finished with it, it’s dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

The Silicone FoodPod is available for purchase on Amazon.

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