Store Your Wallet in these Clever Beach Sandals

Aside from sand in unwanted places, the number one problem with the beach is that there’s no safe place to put your wallet, cash, and keys. You could store them in your bag, but that could get stolen, or worse – you could need your wallet and not have it on you.
Well, that’s what SlotFlops are for! SlotFlops are the new, innovative flipflop with a hidden storage compartment right in the sole!

Available in multiple colors and designs, the SlotFlops let you tuck your goods in confidence. The shoes are comfortable and ergonomic and the slot is sealed with a velcro strap. You never need to worry that your goods will go flying out of your shoe or fall out while you stroll down the pier.



The SlotFlops are available in all standard men and women’s sizes, so anyone can get the most out of their beach shoe.


You can nab your very own pair for $24.95!


Check them out below!

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SlotFlops: FlipFlops with a Storage Compartment