The StubbyStrip Lets You Carry Up To 7 Drinks On-The-Go With Only 1 Hand

The StubbyStrip is a great alternative to the traditional cooler. It’s a carrier that lets you load up to 7 drinks to carry on-the-go with only 1 hand!

To use it, simply unroll the StubbyStrip and load up the 7 drinks.

The drink holder on the end is detachable so that you’ll never forget to bring the StubbyStrip. It can also be used to put a frozen water bottle in the center to cool your drinks.

If you only want to load up 1-6 drinks, you can just wrap the StubbyStrip tighter to keep the drinks in place.

When you’re done with your drinks, wrap up the StubbyStrip in a compact roll and it’s ready to store.

The StubbyStrip comes in three models: Original, Premium (includes shoulder strap and thicker 7.5mm drink holder), VINO (wine carrier that holds 4 bottles of wine/martini kit with shoulder strap)

The StubbyStrip is available for purchase on Amazon and on their website.

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