The Garden Tower 2 Lets You Grow Up to 50 Plants at Once!

Gardening can be a soothing hobby, but the constant bending over can put a huge strain on your body. Plus, you might not even have the space for the lush garden of your dreams.
Enter the Garden Tower 2, a rotating tower that lets you plant up to 50 plants in just four feet of space!

Use the planter to turn your kitchen food waste to fertilizer, and then organic food! The tower replicates a natural ecosystem, which allows your plants to access nutrients recycled through composting!

With the Garden Tower, you don’t even have to weed your plants—the ecosystem within the planter takes care of that for you.

The stacking and nesting plant rings let you customize your tower height and reduce the risk of soil compaction.

The Garden Tower is designed for all ages and mobility levels—anyone can have their own organic garden!

Watch the Garden Tower in action in the video down below! To buy the Garden Tower, check out the brand’s Amazon page.

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