Star Wars Chop Sabers

After a hard day defending the right for freedom and defeating the Evil Empire, what better way to relax than with some delicious sushi or Asian food? And with these light saber chopsticks, you don’t need to drop your defenses. Harness the power of The Force as you enjoy your favorite dishes! Authentic down to the last detail, you can choose between Luke Skywalker’s green or blue light sabers, Yoda’s green light saber, or the red of either Darth Vader or Darth Maul. And if a Sith warrior should creep up behind you as you chow down, you will be prepared, as all good Jedi Knights are, to spring into battle without notice!

Luke Skywalker Green Lightsaber Chopsticks – $16.95

Luke Skywalker Blue Lightsaber Chopsticks – $14.02

Yoda Green Lightsaber Chopsticks – $14.02

Darth Vader Red Lightsaber Chopsticks – $14.02

Mace Windu Purple Lightsaber Chopsticks – $20.14

Obi-Wan Kenobi Blue Lightsaber Chopsticks – $14.95

Count Dooku Red Lightsaber Chopsticks – $12.20

Anakin Blue Lightsaber Chopsticks – $13.82

Darth Maul Red Lightsaber Chopsticks – $12.95

These are fully licensed Lucasfilm products and are not just a fun way to enjoy your meal but also collector’s items. May The Force be with you!

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