The Spiky Shower Curtain Has A Good Message And Makes For A Great Prank

Anyone who has ever played a 2D side-scrolling video game knows all too well the motivation some spikes can have on you to get your butt moving. You’ll be ambling along in all your 2D glory when all of a sudden a pixelated trap door closes, and you know it’s time to go. This shower curtain uses the same principle as an eco-friendly way to encourage a brief and crisp time in the shower.
With (plastic) spikes growing as the water rains upon them, Spiky gives you 4 minutes to get in and get clean before it becomes uncomfortable in there. While these could certainly be a gag gift for someone or a fun prank to play on your early rising roommates, by the artist’s own admission they are meant more as an art installation. They aim to provoke a debate around water usage and hope to make people more aware of their consumption.

via Elisabeth Buecher