Shake Up Your Cocktail Experience With The BAR BONES Cocktail Strainer

Making cocktails is not all that hard. Get some liquor, get a glass, get some juice or any other mixture of stuff,and kaboom baby. You’ve got yourself a cocktail. But making a really good cocktail? This can prove to be an altogether more complex task, for a true ‘cocktail’ can have a wide definition when it comes to quality.
From Fred and Friends here we have a cocktail strainer built with quality and style in mind to ensure that when it comes to pouring, a good tool is on hand to deliver you and your friends a tasty cocktail. Now, while it doesn’t exactly guarantee you’ll be able to make a martini that James Bond would be happy with, it’s undeniable that its stainless steel construction will stand the test of time in a most stylish and slightly creepy way.

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Fred and Friends BAR BONES Skull Cocktail Strainer