SmartKey™ – The Minimalist Keyring That Can Hold Up To 100 Keys

There is an easier way to store all your keys than a conventional keyring. Say goodbye to clutter, noisy keys or ripped jeans pockets thanks to SmartKey, a minimalist keyring with maximum strength, designed and developed by Michael Patrick in Chicago, IL.

SmartKey is a compact device with two posts on each side which you can unscrew with a penny and easily store all of your keys. It is made to be universal – to fit any key from your local hardware store. Upon release, it will come with post extensions so that you will be able to hold up to 100 keys. You will even be able to get one with a 16 GB removable flash drive!

This Kickstarter project has reached over 4,241% of its initial funding goal! So, help yourself before it’s all gone! You have until June 14, 2013 to back this project and get your own SmartKey!

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