Mutator – A Sleek Way To Mute Your iPhone

The iPhone ‘mute’ switch isn’t quite a global mute switch, but rather a switch to silence the phone’s ringer. Music, videos, apps and even Siri can play sounds through the built-in speaker when the iPhone is in silent mode.

So to make sure that your iPhone is quiet, Mutator™ was born – an easy, elegant solution making muting simple. It will give you peace of mind knowing that all sounds generated by videos, songs, games, apps, Siri and more are dead. Only the most important notifications like alarms will stay active.

Mutator™ is a minimal pyramid-shaped device that simply plugs into the headphone jack. Then, simply twist Mutator to engage or disengage silent mode – no need to remove it. When silent mode is activated, a tactile ‘click’ is felt as Mutator twists into place – so you can put your mind at rest knowing in what state your phone is.

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