Smart Grinder Helps You Make an Ideal Cup of Coffee

Artisan coffee joints rake in a lot of dough these days. Like, a lot a lot. We’ve reached a point in coffee culture where even Starbucks, the mother of all artisan coffee houses, is considered mainstream. Some have resorted to finding independent, local places for that individually-made coffee experience, but many have also just started making their own.
Do you belong to that last group? Do you want to? Well, now there’s the Voltaire Smart Grinder.

Voltaire brings your coffee game into the “internet of things” with a smart sensor board that can measure the freshness and quantity of your coffee beans and replenish them when necessary.

Voltaire Coffee 2

Voltaire tracks the lifespan of your beans, letting you know when your beans are about to pass their prime. They’ll still be useable, but that great cup of coffee you chase won’t come any closer if you use sub-par beans.

Voltaire Coffee 5

With a super strong battery, a locking lid, and an anti-static catch cup, Voltaire is fully dedicated to keeping your brew as fresh as possible.

Voltaire Coffee 4

Best of all, Voltaire is compatible with every outlet type in the world, so you can bring your grinder with you on your travels.

Voltaire Coffee 6

Voltaire is available now on Kickstarter for only $199!

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