Bicycle Phone Mount Captures Every Aspect of Your Journey

If you go for a bike ride, but don’t blog about it, did your bike ride ever really happen? Well, the good people at Bycle think that the only real way to enjoy a bike ride is to share it – everywhere.
Bycle 1

Bycle is an all-in-one device that lets you capture every aspect of your bike ride wirelessly. No longer do you need a GoPro, a Fitbit, and Google Maps to capture the essence of your trip. Now, Bycle will do it all for you.

Bycle 3

But what is Bycle? Bycle is a handlebar mount for your iPhone with prism lenses that redirect your camera, so even though your phone is sideways, the cameras point forward. Now, your phone can lie flat so you can see your phone screen while you bike.

Byble 5

Bycle can record your route on a map, giving context to your camera footage. Best of all, it keeps track of much of the same information as a Fitbit, so you can keep an accurate record of your exercise data.

Bycle 2

It’s also shock and water resistant, keeping your phone safe from the elements or whatever else comes your way.

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Bycle is available right now through Kickstarter for only $45!

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