Scissors Designed to Fit Your Grip

If you’ve ever looked at your hand, then you know that hands have a natural grip shape to them. Umbrellas, batons, swords – they all cater to the shape of our hands. So why don’t scissors?
Well, they can now. Introducing the Right Shears – a pair of scissors built at a 90 degree angle, designed to fit your hand perfectly.


Right Shears are just as strong and maneuverable as a typical pair of kitchen scissors. They’re designed to give you a more natural grip on your scissors.


They can cut through something as tough as wire…


…or as crunchy as celery!


The Right Shears make it easier to cut on flat surfaces and keep your hands away from any dangerous materials, like wire mesh or sharp plastic.


For only $14, you can get your very own pair of Right Shears on Kickstarter.


Check them out in the video below!

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Right Shears Natural Grip Scissors