Add a Speedy Engine to Your Watercraft That Weighs Less Than 6 Pounds

This is like something out of a James Bond movie.
With the Scuba Jet, you can give your watercraft a serious boost!

With a silent motor, a 1.5 hour battery life, zero emissions, and a speed of up to 6 knots, the Scuba Jet will kick any craft up a notch.


Whether you’re using a dinghy, a paddle board, a canoe, or are just going for a dive, you can pump up the power on your water sport of choice!


The engine is easy to attach and can be controlled by a waterproof wireless remote.


Best of all, its super lightweight and adaptable, weighing less than 5.3 pounds and fitting virtually any dinghy, canoe, or paddle board!


You can get your very own Scuba Jet for $1105 on Kickstarter!


Watch the engine in action below!

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Scuba Jet Portable Water Sport Jet Engine