High Quality And Stylish Assembling Furniture From France

Many of us lead fast and busy lives, and are now highly mobile for life and work. Numerous people and companies have tried to address this or exploit this in a variety of ways, but perhaps none have been quite so innovative and forward-thinking as this French designer.


Charlie Pommier and his team have come up with solid wood furniture that has been carefully designed to compactly fold away, but will look stunning and stylish when in use. It’s perfect for those that are constantly moving and changing house, and you can claim it’s the height of French design.



The two models in this ‘Triangle Collection’ are a tripod chair and a tripod table. The chair is sleek and takes only 15 seconds to assemble. The Triangle table (which also has an extra large version), takes about the same amount of time. Need to unpack in a hurry or you want to bring some style to the beach or a picnic? This collection has you covered.

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Triangle Collection - High quality assembling furniture