Ride In Style With The Monkey Bike Wheel Lights

Designed by MonkeyLetric, the Monkey Lights are high performance bicycle lights that attach to your bike wheel to display full color patterns while riding. They are waterproof and will keep you visible in any weather condition.

Two models are available. The Monkey Light M210 ($49.99) that features a set of 10 full color LEDs with 20 included themes to choose from, or the more advanced M232 ($74.99) that features 32 LEDs, 48 themes and more notably, the MonkeyFX system that creates animated light art in your spinning bicycle. They are both powered by 3 AA batteries that will last up to 40 and 20 hours respectively.

A third model actually exists but is not sold directly to consumers: the Video Pro. It is the world’s most advanced bicycle wheel display with 256 LEDs that can create up to 1000 images or 90 seconds of video! It retails for $2000.

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