This Responsive Lamp Turns Off When You Put Down Your Book

Bookshelf. Bookmarks. Lamps. These are all things that seemingly everyone has. Whether you’re an avid reader, a casual peruser, or just someone in the market for a new lamp, you might consider LiliLite.
LiliLite combines the functionality of a reading light, a bookshelf, and a bookmark into one clever, space-saving design.

One side of the LiliLite is used to store closed books. The other side, with a wedge-shaped lamp installed under it, is L-shaped with a rounded corner – the perfect shape for resting an open book and saving your page.


When you’re book is resting on top of the lamp, the light turns off. When you lift the book up, the light turns on so you can read!


Want the light on or off at your whim? No sweat! Just flick the switch on the power cord.



The LiliLite has a very simple wood design that works in any room. It’s also versatile. Want two LiliLites to mirror each other? Simply flip one – there is no ‘right’ way to mount it!


It’s simple steam-pressed plywood form is fitted with electronics to house interchangeable LED lightbulbs. You can fit an LED light of any color or intensity you choose!


The LiliLite is available here for $141!

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LiliLite Wall-Mounted Bookmark Light