With a Pull and a Twist, This Table Shrinks and Grows to Your Needs

Transforming furniture is ‘in’. It’s been in for quite a while now, such as the extending dinner tables with middle leafs that seemingly everyone has. After a dinner party, however, people often feel confined to the dining table. It’s often the table that’s easiest to gather around. Besides, why move all your stuff to another table when you can just stay put?
Well, now you can get the intimacy of a coffee table with the size and function of a dining room table.
BOULON BLANC is a simple-to-use combination dining and coffee table that transforms with the pull of a switch. It’s mechanisms were inspired by timepieces and flow so smoothly that anyone can transform this table on their own.
With a pull and a twist, the BOULON BLANC transforms before your eyes. Its boomerang-shaped legs are designed to rotate in one smooth motion, so they won’t get caught or stick or be held back by friction.


BOULON BLANC tables are designed with high-grade steel parts and elegant wood. With a simple white or black top and exposed wood legs, these tables will work with the design scheme of almost any room!


They are also available with matching stools that work in both dining and coffee table modes. They’re also stackable and easy to store!



A single discrete pull-switch under the table top controls all of the tables mechanisms. Despite appearances, there are over 300 individual mechanisms at work in this chair!




Even though the table has complex inner workings, it only takes four minutes to set up!


Each French-designed black or white transforming table comes in a simple satin finish and is available through Kickstarter for $698!


Check it out in the video below!

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BOULON BLANC Transformable Table