The Pooch Selfie Lets You Take the Perfect Dog Photos with Your Smartphone!

Taking a photo of your do is always a struggle. You can never get them to look at the camera, and when they finally do, you aren’t ready for them!
The Pooch Selfie is here to change all that! This simple attachment for your phone captures your dog’s attention, letting you capture the perfect photo.

All you have to do is stick the removable squeaky Pooch Selfie tennis ball to the attachment, and place the attachment on your phone—that’s it! The dog looks at the tennis ball, and you can take your snapshots!

The attachment is designed for both Samsung and Apple smartphones, and fits most third-party phone cases!

Plus, it works with both front and back-facing cameras, letting you take glamour shots and casual selfies with your pooch.

The best part is a portion of the sales from the Pooch Selfie goes to help sheltered animals.

The Pooch Selfie is available on Amazon here.

Watch the Pooch Selfie in action in the video down below!

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