A Pen That Can Pick up Any Color in the World

The arts and crafts store can only hold so many pigments. After all, color exists on a spectrum that seems to be infinitely divisible. Colors are everywhere. There’s just no way to guarantee you’ll get exactly the color you need.
Well, worry no more, because the Scribble Pen is here to save the day!

Scribble is a new ‘smart’ pen that lets you scan, mix, and use any color you see. Simply activate the color sense on the back of the pen and place it on the desired real-world item to scan the color of your choice, and the pen will instantly mix that color for you!


Scribble will even store your previously scanned colors into a personalized library so you can revisit any color you come across.


With Scribble’s smart ink technology, you don’t have to worry about any old ink residue messing up your next selection. You can be 100% sure that the color you want will be the color you get.


Each Scribble ink cartridge holds roughly 30 miles worth of ink, so you rarely need to refill it. You can simply draw till you drop!


Scribble is available in three styles: pen, tablet, and both! You can get your tablet Scribble right now for $199, the pen Scribble for $399, and the two-in-one for $629! Check it out here!

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