Innovative Acoustic Speaker Requires No Batteries

This is one novelty item I’d buy without a second thought. Y’know those rubber gramophone phone cases? Well, this is like that, only designed by a life-long audiophile.
Symphonica 4
The Symphonica takes the natural power of the horn and harnesses it to give your phone’s sound an acoustic boost. No longer do you have to worry about speakers burning out or unexpected crackling sounds. With the Symphonica, you get your phone’s natural settings, but amplified.

Carved from solid wood, the Symphonica is the perfect gift for that picky audiophile you know. Plus, you can even slip your charging cable through the back so you can juice up your battery while you blast your favorite jams.


The Symphonica is $75 through Kickstarter right now!

Check it out below!

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Symphonica Acoustic Gramophone Speaker