OpenAire by Nick+Beau – Hybrid of a Laptop Carrying Case, Work Surface & Chair

Everyone has their perfect work setup at home or at the office but when it comes to working outside while on travel or simply when enjoying fresh air at the park, comfort is often lacking. What if you could merge your desk, your office chair and your laptop bag into one single element? NICK+BEAU thought about that and came up with Openaire, a hybrid of a laptop carrying case, work surface, and chair.

The folding chair is lightweight and encloses the carrying case. Inside the carrying case is a padded compartment to protect your computer and additional storage is also provided for other accessories. The carrying case itself then becomes your work surface. It is shaped to fit your lap comfortably and by unfolding it, you obtain a solid surface with a panel for your mouse and another for taking notes. It seems to be a concept for but we’d love to see it hitting the stores!