Onewheel – The Self-Balancing Electric Skateboard

Designed with hoverboards in mind, the Onewheel is an innovative self-balancing electric skateboard that’ll give you the feeling of flying. It is smartly designed with no gears, belts or chains to maintain – absolutely no moving parts, except for the one wheel! Riding the Onewheel is easy and can be done on any flat surface. Lean towards your front foot to go faster and your back foot to slow down or even reverse. And unlike skateboarding where you feel every little crack on the street, Onewheel feels a lot more like surfing thanks to its large tire that allows you to carve the pavement as if it was water.

Onewheel can reach speeds of nearly 12 MPH for up to 6 miles on a full charge. It comes with the option of a standard or high-speed charger that can fully charge the board in 1 hour or 20 minutes, respectively.

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