New Ear Plugs Let You Rock Out Without Destroying Your Ears

Concerts are awesome. The day after? Not so much. Live music, regardless of the genre, is typically really loud. If you’re into heavier music, then the loudness is amplified even further.
Many people resort to using ear plugs to block out excess sound. The problem? Earplugs absorb sound, leaving only the heavy bass tones. Well, that’s where Isolate comes in. Isolate is a new type of ear plug that doesn’t dampen sound. It simply lowers the volume.


Instead of absorbing sound, Isolate blocks it out entirely. The sound then resonates inside your ear shell, but doesn’t enter the canal. As a result, you experience all ranges of sound exclusively through bone conduction, giving you the clearest sounds at a reasonable volume.


For only $30 on Kickstarter, you can get your very own pair of Isolate ear plugs in a variety of colors.


Check out the science behind these revolutionary ear plugs in the video below!

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