Tiny Scales the Size of Coasters Can Handle up to 270 Pounds!

Kitchen scale. Bathroom scale. Bedroom scale. Scales are far from the most universal tool in the house. The kind of scale you use is wholly dependent on what you’re using it for. Well, with Weighitz, you can weigh everything with the same scale, regardless of what it is.
Weighitz is a compact, portable, rechargeable, magnetic scale that connects to your phone. With a variety of measuring units and a high level of precision, Weighitiz can be used to weigh anything you can think of.
You can even program Weighitz through its companion app to exclude certain weights. Need to weigh the contents of a basket? Place the basket on the scale, reset the scale to zero, then fill it with the items you want to weigh. It’s simple as that!


Weighitz will also come available with multiple apps for different purposes. For example, you can measure the nutritional content in your food with the cooking/baking app.

But what if you want to weigh something that’s large or uneven? Through the app, you can program multiple Weighitz to sync up. The app will display the sum of the weight on each scale.



Weighitz is available through a special Kickstarter offer for only $18!


Check out Weighiz in action in the video below!

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