Monitor Your Child’s Drinking Habits with This Smart Sippy Cup

As a parent, there are a hundred little things you have to do in a day to keep your child functioning as best as they can. Sometimes things slip through the crack, but with Gululu, making sure your kid drinks enough water won’t be one of them.
The folks at Gululu took the incentives from video game mechanics and turned them into a water bottle. Using fun as a motivator, you can be sure that your child will get all the water they need!

Gululu is a durable water bottle with a digital component that engages your child. Through the Gululu app, your child can pick a virtual pet, link it to their Gululu bottle, and raise their pet. The Gululu game is ever-evolving just like your child, so they’ll have to keep drinking water to keep playing the game.



It’s also waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about the bottle leaking or damaging the bottle’s computer.


Here’s how it works: Gululu can sense when your child is drinking from their bottle and how much water they’re taking in. Depending on what goals you’ve set for your child and other health factors, their virtual Gululu pet will grow and change as they drink more water. The bottle rewards children for drinking enough water!




It’s also wirelessly chargeable, so it’s easy to place on the dock and take off again in a rush!


As soon as soon as Gululu enters a Wi-Fi zone, it sends all of your child’s data to your smartphone, so you can track their water intake with accuracy. On top of that, Gululu has a timer-based school mode so you can make sure your child isn’t distracted when they should be hard at work!


Gululu is available on Indiegogo for $99! It holds 400 ml (13.5 fl oz), comes in Bowhead Blue, Unidragon Violet, Starfish Pink, Submarine Yellow, and Monster Green. It also comes with one bottle, one charging station with USB cable, one sticker pack, and one Gululu storybook.


Check out Gululu in the video below!

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